Toy Drive

Donate one toy, or gather your tribe and host a toy drive.  

Rewards Program

The gift rewards are more meaningful than a prize for a ‘job well done’. This program helps children look forward to going to hospital by giving them an exciting non-medical focus to their day. It allows them to practice recovery – that moment from ‘this is awful’ to ‘I’m OK now’.

The better a child becomes at recovery, the easier a medically complicated life can be for them. This program helps a child with cancer feel deeply supported by their community at a time that can feel intensely isolating.

Host a Toy Drive

Meet Michael. Michael’s sister’s friend is Emma.

Emma is a mighty Bravery Boxer, slaying Burkitts Lymphoma at 5 years old. 

Michael and his Mum Maria hosted an EPIC toy drive AND Michael grew his hair to shave for us. 

Be like Michael. 


Donate one or two items

If you have one or two items you’d like to donate to celebrate ‘kids cancer’ bravery, drop them off at one of our amazing business sponsors. 


Donation Locations

Canary Lane

Fortitude Valley, QLD, 4000

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