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Our Team

Shane Richards

Shane Richards

Ideas Girl, Empathy Expert, Toy Fairy

Shane is the ideas girl who first thought of an idea of a box of rewards to help kids and teens with cancer recover from painful and confronting procedures. 

And it would be called… Bravery Box. 6 years before the Bravery Box became a public charity, Shane, an oncology nurse, and her friends were collecting toys and rewards from friends and family to help make the days of kids with cancer a little brighter.

She is uniquely qualified for this role with Bravery Box. Not only has she been a paediatric oncology nurse for over 28 years, she is also a breast cancer survivor herself. 


There is VERY little a Shane hug can’t cure. 





Maria Mavroudis

Maria Mavroudis

Fun Raiser, Heart & Soul, Financial Bravery Boss

Maria was first inspired to be a part of Bravery Box when her son, Michael, wanted to do something to help his little sister’s friend, who was fighting Burkitt’s Lymphoma. Maria and Michael launched a mighty toy fundraiser culminating in Michael shaving his head on school parade. 

The world needs more people like Maria and Michael, who see what needs to be done, and do it.

Maria’s passion for Bravery Box made her an easy choice when the role of Financial and Fundraising Director became available.


Tanya Allan

Tanya Allan

Founder, Loud Laugher, Story Teller, Vision Ninja

Tanya founded the Bravery Box in 2017 during her 6 year old daughter’s treatment for Leukaemia. She is a happiness junkie and irritatingly optimistic. 

Show Tanya a mountain and she’ll convince you to help her move it.

While Tanya no longer has an active role in Bravery Box, she is an avid spectator of the spectacular work that they do.

Tanya is a writer and you can read her musings over at 

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